Tian Jiang

1991 · China

Artist biography

Tian Jiang is an early career emerging artist, who was born in China, like other famous artists such as Li Chen, 张玉坤, Jiaxin Nong, Yang Xinguang, and Huang Liyuan. Tian Jiang was born in 1991.

Tian Jiang's Gallery representation

Tian Jiang is represented and exhibited by Stuart & Co. Gallery in Chicago, the United States.

Historical Context of China

A pioneer in technology and technical development in both the arts and sciences, China and its artisans have pioneered many astounding innovations. For example, true porcelain, with kaolin as the key ingredient, emerged in China in the early 1300s. It would not be created in Europe with the same technical quality and physical properties until 1722, when the Meissen factory in Germany also unboltned the secrets of the recipe. In the modern period, China has remained essentially behind its own closed doors. An Imperial power with centuries old traditions until the start of the twentieth century, China was subsequently wracked by civil war as Chiang Kai Shek battled the forces of Mao Zedong for the control of this immense country, its people and resources.

Tian Jiang

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