Thomas Van Linge

1989 · Netherlands

Dutch artist uses the symbols and elements of recent popular culture to experiment with the ways in which those elements can be manipulated in space. Dissecting iconic forms and placing them in unusual or unexpected orientations, van Linge opens up new possibilities for interpretation.

Working across various media, van Linge often combines musical and visual elements to create even more engaging experiences for the viewer of his work. Van Linge woos the viewer with the relatability of his forms, yet their unusual placement or position fosters the viewer’s contemplation of how these forms play a role in our current cultural experience.

Born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in 1989, van Linge is now based in London. In addition to his busy exhibition calendar including solo and group shows around Europe, van Linge also manages two record labels that specialize in experimental dance music and even sometimes performs himself under his stage name of Ranstad.

Thomas Van Linge

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