Thomas Lindvig

1973 · Denmark

Artist biography

Thomas Lindvig’s approach to his art is minimal-conceptual, combined with a touch of the expressive. He tends to define his work as ‘minimal expressionism’.

In his work Thomas Lindvig often includes real life elements (found objects, readymades, situations occuring between people etc.) in a more or less reduced form. Thus he is curious about (structures and) what these elements communicate and seeks to decipher what kind of impression a structure or an action generates when being confronted with it. This in regard of both physical/concrete structures as well as more abstract, relational structures appearing between people in various situations.

Thus Lindvig often isolate an object or an action from it’s context, stripping it from it's original function and meaning. Through this displacement he tries to reinvent what the idea of the original was - it's status and purpose. However, he do not simply replicate the existing, but rather he interprets and emphasizes certain elements from it. He rephrases reality.

Thomas Lindvig

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