Tereza Zelenkova

1985 · Czech Republic

Artist biography

Czech artist Tereza Zelenkova finds endless inspiration within the black and white frames of her analog photography. Imbuing her work with an air of mystery and mysticism borrowed from both literature and folklore, Zelenkova’s oeuvre is immediately tantalizing.

In her work, Zelenkova reminds her audience of the history and power of the photograph as a medium but also as a means of documenting the larger world. Consuming the power of the “permanent” image in an age of transience is not lost on the viewer of her work, who will have a hard time pulling away.

Born in the Czech Republic in 1985, Zelenkova earned her BA from the University of Westminster in 2010 and subsequently achieved her MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art in London in 2012. She has been showered with accolades, among them the receipt of the Jerwood Photoworks Award (2015) and The 1000 Words Magazine Award (2012), and she has also enjoyed the showcase of her work across Europe. Recent exhibitions include those at the Musée de l’Élysée in Lausanne (2015); Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool (2016); Copeland Gallery in London (2017); and the Nod Gallery in Prague (2017).

Tereza Zelenkova

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