Tere Recarens

1967 · Spain

Artist biography

Using the media of photography, drawing, and film, Spanish artist Tere Recarens captures the narrative of her own life through small snippets of content and meaning.

At the same time she shares these moments with her audience, there is nevertheless no clear path through these documents to aide in a clear reading of her biography. Thus, while Recarens exposes herself to her viewer, she is simultaneously obscured. This tension – between knowing and unknowing – allows Recarens to also explore the concept of the familiar and what happens when that element is removed from the gallery space.

Born in Arbúcies, Spain, in 1967, Recarens is based today in Berlin. She built her career as an artist while serving on the faculty of the Ecole supérieure de Annecy in France. She was awarded a residency with MoMA-PS1 in New York in 1998.

Tere Recarens

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