Sven Kroner

1973 · Germany

Artist biography

German painter Sven Kroner’s majestic landscape paintings immediately recall the past masters of the landscape tradition. Within these sweeping views, though, Kroner adjusts the presence of humanity and, in doing so, alters the impact of his landscapes altogether.

Rather than portraying clearly visible figures in his landscape scenes, as one would expect from an iconic figure such as Caspar David Friedrich, Kroner instead offers only the most minimal implication of human presence. Whether it is a singular light shining in the distance or a small, fragmentary bit of detritus left to linger, Kroner only leaves these subtle hints as part of a large commentary on our ongoing connections with the natural world but also our mistreatment of it.

Born in Kempten, Germany, in 1973, Kroner is currently based in Düsseldorf and splits his time between teaching – his last appointment as Visiting Tutor at the Frank Mohr Institut in Groningen, the Netherlands, began in 2016 – and the production of new work. He has also been an active exhibitor of his work in a variety of European locales. Recent showcases of Kroner’s art include those at the Galerie der Stadt Backnang (2018); Kultur Bahnhof Eller in Düsseldorf (2018); and the Galerie Anne de Villepoix in Paris (2019).

Sven Kroner

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