Sveinn Fannar Johannsson


Artist biography

Sveinn Fannar Johannsson is an artist, who originates from Norway, like other renowned artists such as Øystein Aasan, Nina Rajala Moe, Camilla Løren Chmiel, Nora Brech, and Andrew Barton.

Sveinn Fannar Johannsson's exhibition

Sveinn Fannar Johannsson's work has most recently been displayed during the exhibition Pointed Consciousness at QB Gallery in Oslo, Norway. The exhibition was open from 15 August 2019 until 06 September 2019.

Sveinn Fannar Johannsson in private collections

It is the collector Jan Christensen, who is in possession of artwork by Sveinn Fannar Johannsson at Artland. Jan Christensen also has works by other artists including Hur Kyung-Ae, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, and Isabel Alonso Vega.

Sveinn Fannar Johannsson

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