Stefano Bosis

1979 · Italy

Artist biography

Stefano Bosis was born in Milano, Italy. He currently lives and works in Berlin, Milan and Oporto.

After finishing high school leaves Italy for England, where he approaches the theater. He then moves to Spain where he learns street art. Upon returning to Italy he graduated as an actor in the "commedia dell'arte" and graduated in Computer Science for Digital Communication at the University of Milan. After touring Europe on a motorcycle, he arrived in Berlin in 2012, where he won a residence for artists with a pictorial series on massification and nihilism. In 2014 he was invited for a residence in Colombia, and subsequently he has travelled to Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba. The experience of Central America affects his painting so much that it becomes gestural and dominated by strong and bright colors. Contact with indigenous communities contributed to the formation of his thought and poetics, which suggests accessing an irrational dimension that cannot be explored through science and technology.

Solo Exhibition (Selection) 2018 Art Salon, Pop-up Exhibition, Private Collector, Berlin, DE. 2017 Lucid Dreams, Magic Beans, Berlin, DE. 2016 Die ungewöhnlichen Dinge unter dem gleichen Himmel, Galerie Julia Dorsch, Berlin, DE. 2015 Il Viaggio, Galerie Julia Dorsch, Berlin, DE. 2014 Two Person show with Thomas Putze, Galerie Julia Dorsch, Berlin, DE. 2012 Good Enough to Eat, Rotebete Gallery, Berlin, DE. 2010 Crudacarne, Sala Civica Vicolungo, Novara, IT. Group Exhibition (Selection) 2020 La prigionia dell’io, Galleria contemporanea di Palazzo Ducale, organized by Federico Rui and curated by F.Baboni and S.Taddei, Pavullo Modena, Italy. Effetto Farfalla, Camù – Centri d’Arte e Musei Cultura Il Ghetto a cura di Roberta Vanali, Cagliari Sardegna Italy. 2019 Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE.

Galerie Éphémère, Ecole d’ Art, Paris, FR. 2018 Summer Exhibition, Magic Beans Gallery, Pop-up Mykonos, GRC. 2017 Licht/Gestalten, Taunus Turm, Frankfurt am Main, DE. magic+love+art, curated bz Larissa Kikol, Magic Beans, Berlin, DE. 2016 I Sky You, Magic Beans, Berlin, DE. Sotheby’s Benefiz Auktion, ICEP Charity Art Auction, BAWAK PSK, Vienna, AT. 2015 Sotheby’s Benefiz Auktion, Atelierhaus der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Vienna, AT. The Ballery in Heat, The Ballery, Berlin, DE. 2014 Birth of the cool, The Ballery, Berlin, DE. Berlin Arts Exhibition, NoColor Estudio, San Sebastian, ES. Awake, Pop-up Art Gallery, DE. Nature, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, DE. 2013 Winter Pop-up Exhibition, Charlotte Gallery, Berlin, DE. Kiss by A.muse, St. Georg Gallery, Berlin Art Week, Berlin, DE. Interlude Italiana, Fellini Gallery, Berlin, DE. Vertigo, Berlin, DE. 2012 NachtUndNebeln, CELL63, Berlin, DE. Berliner Splendor, STATTBAD, Berlin, DE. 2011 Dazed and Refused, Hurwundeki, London, UK. La percezione del vuoto, Spazio Moderno, IT. 500 Contemporary Art Meeting, Spazio Concept, Milan, IT. Il linguaggio del corpo, Galleria Atena, Como, IT. 2010 Open Box, Istituto Grafico Don Milani, Venegono Inferiore (Varese), IT. Impercettibili Forme Celesti, Galleria O.A.D. Roma, IT. Inverart, Inveruno, IT.

Awards 2018 Award to Culture for the City of Lainate.

Residences 2011 Fellini Gallery Berlin, 2011.

BIBLIOGRAPHY (SELECTION) 2019 Catalogue Book Paris, 2019 Esther Harrison, 10011magazine NY, USA. Coeur et art , Berlin, DE. 2017 Larissa Kikol, Licht/Gestalten, Exhibition Catalogue, Frankfurt, 2017, DE. Esther Harrison, Milano Milano mio caro, ArtBerlin, 2017, Berlin, DE. Elisabetta Gaddoni, Tra sogno e realtà, WDR COSMO, Ründfunk Radio, Berlin, 2017, DE. Kunstleben Berlin, Stefano Bosis: Lucid Dreams, Berlin, 2017, DE. Berlin Box, Gesellschaft, Es lebe der Unterschied!, Berlin, 2017, DE. Megan King, The Culture Trip Berlin, Lucid Dreams by Stefano Bosis, April 2017, Berlin, DE. 2016 Central America Book, Berlin, 2016, DE. ICEP Katalog, Charity Auktion supported by Sotheby´s, Vienna, October 2016, AU. 2015 Sotheby´s Benefiz Auktion, Semperdepot Wien, February 2015, AU. Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Stefano Bosis & Teresa Riba, September 2015, Berlin, DE. Berlino Magazine, Viaggio II, September 2015, Berlin, DE. Il Mitte Magazine, Il secondo viaggio di Stefano Bosis in mostra a Berlino, September 2014, Berlin, DE. 2014 Stefanie Tendler, Art Conversations, Stefano Bosis´ Captured Nature, April 2014, Berlin, DE. Federica Maria Marrella, Il Particolare, 2014, IT. 2013 Robert Grunenberg, Warten aufs Dabeisein, Monopol Magazin, April 2013, Berlin, DE. Der Tagesspiegel, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, April 2013, Berlin, DE. Quality Magazin, Acht wichtige Talente der Berliner Kunstszene, December 2013, Berlin, DE. Artparasites, Good Enough To Eat, Berlin 2013, DE. VANGARDIST Magazine, A.Muse Exhibition, December 2013, Berlin, DE.

CATALOGUES STEFANO BOSIS, Catalogue, Paris, 2019. LICHT/GESTALTEN,Goodwin Procter Frankfurt in association with Magic Beans Gallery, 2017. STEFANO BOSIS, Il Viaggio, Exhibition Catalogue, Galerie Julia Dorsch, 2015.

BOOKS CENTRAL AMERICA, Art Book Diary of the Journey in Central America, Limited Edition, 2015.

Stefano Bosis

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