Sara Macculloch

1967 · Canada

Artist biography

"The landscape has always been important to me. In my childhood, I spent all summer, every summer, as well as almost every weekend throughout the year, at several different family homes in rural Nova Scotia.

It is to capture that feeling, when it happens, that I am drawn to paint the landscape. I want to make permanent and solid that fleeting feeling of connection, I have in a moment in one particular place.

The challenge for me is not only to capture what a place looks like but also to have a relationship with the painting as I am making it. I don’t start with an exact idea of what the painting will be when I am finished. All I know is what I want it to feel like- and I never really know how that will come about."

Though they infrequently have defining or recognizable features, Sara MacCulloch’s landscapes depict very specific places: “Mostly, they are the places that I used to dream about all the years that I lived away,” she says. “The places that signify home.” Even so, MacCulloch does not start with an exact idea of a painting’s outcome, but begins working based on her impressions of a place’s look and feel. She characteristically reduces her forms to basic shapes, which she renders in broad sweeps without extensive concern for detail. This defining aesthetic is in part the result of MacCulloch’s painting process, which is to make each painting in one sitting, “to allow for clarity in purpose, but also to give the work a sense of immediacy.” -Sara MacCulloch

Sara Macculloch

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