Ruth Campau

1955 · Denmark

Artist biography

Working with large-scale installations or in situ decoration projects, Ruth Campau aims to create bodily relationships with her work. By focusing on the human presence that lies within the brushstroke, Campau is interested in the concept that her work is merely a portion of a larger painting, and as such, a representation of a human presence. By literally stretching her abilities through the implementation of a 3 metre canvas and a large broom as her paintbrush, Campau’s goal is to let the viewer inside of her work, to make them feel they are inside the painting and thus, part of something greater.

Born in Denmark in 1995, Ruth Campau graduated from Copenhagen’s Open University with a degree in Art History in 2005. From 2006-2010 she works as an art consultant, first for the Danish University and Property Agency, and then for the Municipality of Guldborgsund’s new business center. She is currently a board member at the Institute of Contemporary Art OVERGADEN in Copenhagen.

Ruth Campau’s work can be found in public and private spaces throughout Scandinavia, such as the psychiatric hospital in Boros, Sweden; the Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark; LETT, Copenhagen; Fleet House, London; Rosengaard Shopping Mall, Odense; and Aalborg University – Esbjerg Campus, Denmark; among many others. Additionally, Campau’s art is in the collections of ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj; KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg; Randers Art Museum, Randers; KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, Køge; Malmö Art Museum, Sweden; Danish Arts Foundation; and the Ny Carlsberg Foundation. She lives and works in Copenhagen.

Ruth Campau

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