Rodolfo Marqués

1982 · Argentina

Artist biography

Rodolfo Marqués (born 1982) lives in Buenos Aires.

The artistic practice of Rodolfo Marqués focuses on a diverse variety of topics, in order to explore and research the way in which many sociocultural manifestations appear and develop. Marqués aims to build complex mechanisms of meaning through the videogame history, dystopic architecture, sound machines, and medieval manuscripts (or combinations of them) that appear in his paintings, sculptures and publications.

The Shadow of Tomorrow is an installation composed by pictorial objects, prints, and a visual machine that tackles an interpretation of the Apocalypse of St. John during a posthuman time, where machines are civilization’s ruins and electronically impersonate the revelations and omens about the continuation of culture beyond biologic life.

Rodolfo Marqués studied visual arts at the National University of Arts, where he is also a professor. His practice explores different mediums, including combinatory machines, sculptural objects, tempera paintings and artist’s books. Marqués has a fond interest in traditional publishing practices. He is the founder of the N.B.A. (Nueva Bibliofilia Argentina), a small publishing house for limited edition booklets and prints. His work has been exhibited in many individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, United States, Spain and Italy. He was recently recognized at the Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, 107o edition, Argentina.

Rodolfo Marqués

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