Robyn Hills

1963 · Australia

Artist biography

Robyn Hills’ photographs present us with a unique look at the world, peering through abstractions caused by the interplay of light and water. An everyday vista is transformed into a memorable visual experience through Hills’ camera lens. Beads of water spotting a glass surface act like prisms, intensifying the color that lies beyond, while other atmospheric effects such as fog or steam create soothing impressionist scenes, blurring details and capturing the essence of a location. In this sense, Hills has a creative partner in water, which provides endless inspiration that is nonetheless fleeting. “Precisely formed droplets are there for mere moments before they blur, creating movement and asymmetry,” she explains. Her photographs display a flair for composition and color, finding unique tableaux in the most unlikely places, from the bottom of a drink to the floor of a pool.

Robyn Hills

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