Robertas Antinis

1946 · Lithuania

Artist biography

Robertas Antinis (b. 1946 in Kaunas) works in the fields of sculpture, object, performance, installation. He graduated from the Applied Arts School in Riga in 1965, and the Latvian State Art Academy in 1970. From 1997, was a lecturer of Vilnius Academy of Arts, and a docent at the Kaunas Faculty. Since 1989 a member of Post Ars group. They were brave innovators and experimenters – created objects, installations, performances, happenings. It was very important movement in Lithuanian art stage during time of gaining Independence, not only because of its’ new artistic form, but also because of provoking feelings of personal and national freedom. Robertas Antinis is interdisciplinary artist, in his works combining drawings, sculpture, written or just pronounced text. His creativity keeps on changing, surprising and it is never ending. Robertas Antinis is one of the first Lithuanian artists, who started emphasizing horizontality of sculpture, researching relation between flat surface and the form, tactilics (and from that the series of artworks for the blind started). Expression, process and sensuality is more important than durability, so artist dares to try experimental materials like cotton wool, sand, glass, etc. he expresses himself by using shavings, fallen apart pieces, seeks to treat materials not casually. For Robertas Antinis Junior the essence is to communicate, the link – human with human, human with an object. The author opposes to stagnant, stereotypical way of thinking. Robertas Antinis is also creating artists' books where combines all his expression dictionary - text as sound or narrative, drawing and form.

Robertas Antinis

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