Robert Ferri

1951 · France

Artist biography

Robert Ferri explores the translation of gestures on paper, using this support to make the invisible visible. The various colours applied in successions sometimes exhaust the paper from its substance. Random tears, coloured and moist evanescences, this voluptuous wear reveals the presence of the subject and sediments to the horizon - and beyond - the depth of the pictorial field.

Contemplation of the great outdoors enthralled the viewer, encouraging him to a silent introspection. This motionless journey offers a memory evocation of unusual yet surprisingly familiar territories. In search of the Infinite the horizon becomes a line, a passage between real and imaginary lands.

His works are part of numerous public and private collections in France (Centre d’Art, Saint-Cyprien, Centre Culturel les Tourelles, Pauillac, Musée Daubigny, Auvers-sur-Oise). They have been purchases by cities, libraries and corporate fondations.

Robert Ferri

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