Roald Kyllingstad

1946 · Norway

Artist biography

Roald Kyllingstad (*1942) lives and works in Stavanger, Norway. The artists high-end finished exhibits intersect photorealism and abstract painting. His paintings are workings of extraordinary precision, proficient craftmanship and subtle nuances of colours – the almost hyperreal images are solely crafted with pastel crayons. His subjects are frozen moments of tranquility, deserted spots at night and abandoned places. Kyllingstad’s motifs are selected from the world of consumerism: shop window displays, shop interiors or parking-lots. He translates those ‚familiar’ pictures into a preternatural dimension far beyond the wellknown or trivial. The impact and application of artifical light is one of his most chief instruments. „I am fascinated the way light can alter the shape and surface of any objects“, says Kyllingstad. Even if he grants us a view of those in-depth and photorealistic scenarios, we are left outside, merely observers: astonished, bewildered and puzzled. Kyllingstad shows the paradox behind the ‚illusion of transparency’. Not: We see, what we see! But: We see what we want to see! As a result of each individual experience.

Roald Kyllingstad

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