René Magritte

1898 - 1967 · Belgium

Artist biography

René Magritte was a creative artist, who was born in Belgium. René Magritte was born in 1898 and died in 1967. Born in the same country and around the same year are Floris Jespers and René Magritte.

Galleries and Exhibitions

René Magritte's work is on display in multiple galleries around the world, in countries such as the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Spain. Galleries exhibiting René Magritte's work include Luxembourg & Dayan | London in the United Kingdom, as well as Galerie De La Béraudiére and Galerie Vedovi in Belgium. René Magritte's work has most recently been displayed during the exhibition A Luta Continua at Hauser & Wirth | Hong Kong in China. The exhibition was open from 22 May 2019 until 26 July 2019. René Magritte's work has also been exhibited at other exhibitions listed on Artland include the exhibitions; The Vitalist Economy of Painting (14 September 2018 - 06 November 2018) at MD72 in Berlin and The Vitalist Economy of Painting (15 September 2018 - 07 November 2018) at Galerie Neu in Berlin.

René Magritte in private collections

There are two collectors in possession of artworks by René Magritte at Artland. These collectors include Ib Bondebjerg and FlorianHolzner, who also has works by other artists including Willy Spiller, Shahnaz Aghayeva, and Liam Fallon.

Historical Context of Belgium

Throughout the 1930s, Belgian art was to play a essential role in Surrealism, especially through the work of Rene Magritte and Paul Delvaux. Other important Belgian artists of the twentieth century include Marcel Broodthaers, Wim Delvoye, Francis Alys and Luc Tuymans. In the late nineteenth century, as the era of the avant-garde in Europe began, the Belgian capital of Brussels was an important hub for the Art Nouveau movement, which included the architect Victor Horta amongst its founders. The Symbolist movement was also a key artistic trend that was greatly influenced by Belgian artists. Key practitioners of this important early precursor to Surrealism include Léon Spilliaert, Jean Delville, Fernand Khnopff and James Ensor.

Further Biographical Context for René Magritte

René Magritte was born in 1898 and was largely influenced creatively by the 1900s and 1910s growing up. The vigorous development of pictorial art defined the first decades of the twentieth century. It was an era of experimentation and post-Impressionism, with artists first delving into Expressionism and Abstraction. A variety of collectives and groups of artists across the world evolved many ways of expressing these crucial innovations. In Italy, artists such as Boccioni, Severini and Balla were hoping to capture the rapidity and dynamism of the machine age, in a movement called Futurism.

René Magritte

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