Rebecca Bournigault

1970 · France

Artist biography

Rebecca Bournigault graduated from the École nationale supérieure d’art in Bourges. She uses video, photography, and watercolour and defines herself as a “contemporary portraitist”. Her work became widely known in 1994, and was exhibited twice at the musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, including at L’Hiver de l’amour, an exhibition that provided an overview of art in the time of AIDS. Her videos reformulate the portrait genre by refusing any showy approach to posing, instead preferring “screen test”-like, unedited static shots, in which the models are pushed to their limits: lip-synching their favourite song (Playback, 1995) or telling a personal story over and over ad nauseam or until they refuse to continue (Histoires, 1994). In this laboratory of intimacies, experiments are played out between the filmed subjects and the artist’s requirements, for which they come unprepared – such as saying “I love you” (Je t’aime, 1999) or answering the question “What is your reason for living?” (Vive, 2002-2005).

Rebecca Bournigault

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