Qin Yufen

1954 · China

Artist biography

Qin Yufen is an established contemporary visual artist. Qin Yufen was born in 1954. Artists like Wim Heldens, Rosemary Covey, Maggie Harper, Francis Kennel, and Jost Heyder were also born in 1954.

Further Biographical Context for Qin Yufen

Born in 1954 in Shandong Province, China, Qin Yufen has been acknowledged internationally for her installation art since the 1990s, and her works have been widely exhibited in museums and art institutions around the world. Qin’s monumental sound installation Spring in the Jade Hall , shown at the National Art Museum of Stuttgart in 1994, is considered as a particularly poetic example of Qin’s work. Qin Yufen takes sound recordings from Peking Opera, classical music, daily life and nature, which she then digitally breaks down, distorts and reorganizes into multiple sound tracks. The digital sounds combined with other material objects such as clothes stands, Mao suits, bamboo, silk, rice paper, loudspeakers and wires, together form the installations, thus combining the visual with the aural.

Qin Yufen

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