Pure Evil

United Kingdom

Artist biography

“I’m not really interested in being subtle. I want to make people look; I welcome the conflict. The irony is, I have a can of Graffiti Buster to hand and if someone spray-paints over the windows of my street art gallery, then I’m the guy who has to clean it off.”

Charles Uzzell-Edwards, better known by his street name of Pure Evil, is a graffiti and street artist. Fanged Pure Evil bunny rabbits are the artist’s trademark which stemmed from Pure Evil’s remorse after shooting a rabbit when he was young. According to the artist, they are also quick to paint when running through the streets.

Pure Evil is the son of a Welsh painter and took on his cheeky moniker as a bit of a joke, but it is a joke that gives him a license to perform to the dark imagery.

Moving to California in the early 90’s to avoid the collapse of Thatcher’s Britain, Pure Evil became involved in screen-printed graphics and the electronic music scene. His street art began soon after and his influences were primarily the West Coast graffiti artists of the time.

Back in the UK, Pure Evil painted his fanged bunny rabbits all over London and fell in with the local street art scene of Banksy’s Santas Ghetto. He started producing prints and artwork around this time.

Pure Evil has appeared on the television programme ‘The Apprentice’ which has significantly increased demand for his work. He also regularly participates in lectures and workshops about street art.

Pure Evil has exhibited across the globe in a multitude of solo and group shows in countries such as China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, Chile and all over Europe. He regularly posts photos on Instagram, leaving a trail of interested followers to find his latest art.

Pure Evil

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