Pukšič Janez

1945 · Slovenia

Artist biography

Pukšič Janez is known primarily as a photographer of a specialised photographic genre: he is a culinary photographer; he photographs food, which he usually arranges into compositions himself or together with chefs. His photos adorn more than hundred internationally renowned cookbooks and have received numerous awards: the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for the most beautiful cover and the best professional book (2004, Arte e Sienza di Servizio), for the best Desert cookbook in the world (2008, Cubo Deserts) the Gourmet Voice for the world's most beautiful cookbook (2005, Handicrafts of Slovenia). In 2010, two books created in cooperation by the almost inseparable duo of photographer Pukšič and designer Žare Kerin received the prestigious Red Dot Design award (Cubo Deserts, Cubo at home). Not to forget the Cresta New York award (1996) for calendar with Pukšič's polaroids and Kerin's design, their golden medal fom New York Festivals for Pukšič's catalogue and there are many more...

Pukšič Janez

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