Pinter Tihomir

1938 · Croatia

Artist biography

Tihomir Pinter was born in 1938 in Bjelovar. After graduating in pharmaceutical sciences in Zagreb he specialised in the analysis of foodstuffs, which was also the subject of his PhD. He has been pursuing photography since 1956 and has been exhibiting since 1961. He has been presented with the title of 'master in art photography' by the Photographic Federation of Slovenia for his achievement in exhibition photography, while the International Federation of Photographic Art bestowed on him the title of 'Excellence FIAP'. He is a member of the Ljubljana Photo Club (former Photo Group ŠOLT-Ljubljana), the Designers Society of Slovenia and the Ljubljana Fine Artists Society.

His work has been presented at 565 group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. He has received 175 awards and recognitions and has had 94 solo exhibitions in the countries of former Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic.

He publishes his photographs in national and international newspapers and magazines.His photographs were first featured in the book Umetnik v ateljeju ('Artist in Studio') in 1984 (published by DZS; text by A. Bassin). Since then he has contributed to books with portraits of Slovenian artists, including writers (1993), composers (1997), musicians (2002) and Slovenian visual artists in Austria and Italy (2003), and the series of portraits of iron workers 'Razžarjeni pogled' (1996).

In 2008 Modrijan publishing house published the book Umetniki v ateljeju (Artists in Studio') as a continuation of portraying artists in their studio and the monograph Trenutki z umetniki ('Moments with Artists').

His photographs have been included in the collection of the National University Library, the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, the Cabinet of Slovenian Photography in Kranj, the Koroška Regional Museum in Slovenj Gradec, the National Theatre Museum of Slovenia, Maribor Art Gallery, Božidar Jakac Gallery in Kostanjevica and others.

Pinter Tihomir

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