Pierre Buraglio

1939 · France

Artist biography

Pierre Buraglio is seen as an established artist, who was born and brought up in France, like other celebrated artists such as François Ronsiaux, Fanny Allié, Jean Pierre Hurel, Cyril Duval, and Alain Séchas. Pierre Buraglio was born in 1939.

About Pierre Buraglio's works

Pierre Buraglio is known for working in the fields of Conceptual and Figuration work. Conceptual art is arguably not as clear and easily defined as other art movements, and can often provoke intense reactions in the viewers. By nature, Conceptualism puts an emphasis on the strategies and research that go into the creation, making the concept of an artwork its most significant feature, rather than the actual finished product. Although the movement emerged in the mid 1960s, simultaneously across Europe and America, its father Marcel Duchamp had paved the way back in 1917, with his controversial artwork Fontaine. Conceptual art denies the traditional mediums, and strives to place the artwork in the realm of ideas - rather than that of material objects. Some of the most critically acclaimed figures of Conceptualism include artists such as Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner and Yoko Ono.

Figurative art has been around since the earliest stages of visual arts, and involves any form of modern art which references the reality or the human figure, in opposition to Abstraction. Figurative art includes a substantial multitude of styles, thus remaining a truly innovative and major category in which artists created critically acclaimed masterpieces, such as Pablo Picasso’s painting Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, or Paul Cézanne’s The Bathers.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Pierre Buraglio's work is on display in 4 galleries around the world, in countries such as Belgium and France. Galleries include Galerie La Forest Divonne | Brussels in Belgium, as well as Galerie Catherine Putman and Ceysson & Bénétière | Paris in France. Pierre Buraglio is currently exhibiting at Ceysson & Bénétière | Paris in France with the exhibition Carte Blanche à Pierre Buraglio et Rachel Stella (25 March 2020 - 29 April 2020). Pierre Buraglio's other most recent exhibitions recorded on Artland include the exhibitions at; Ceysson & Bénétière | Paris in France (17 December 2019 - 31 January 2020) with the name GUERRE(S) and Galerie Jean Fournier in France (17 April 2019 - 28 May 2019) with the name Incontri. Pierre Buraglio's first listed exhibition in Artland's database was called Incontri and took place at Galerie Jean Fournier in Paris, France from the 17 April 2019 to 28 May 2019.

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Historical Context of France

France strikes out as one of the most prominent agents of modernism. What is today referred to as the avant-garde was established in the first half of the nineteenth century, and included progressive and ground-breaking movements such as Impressionism, Post-impressionism and Art Nouveau, led by key figures of the art sphere. Critically praised and leading French artists from the early years of the twentieth century include Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, although he initially was a Spanish national who settled in France, as well as Francis Picabia, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, and Le Corbusier, to name a few. Paris was thought to be the most important and intellectual artistic centre at the start of the century and contributed to the development of such fundamental movements as Cubism, Fauvism, Dadaism and Surrealism, amongst others, which flourished in the post war era.

Further Biographical Context for Pierre Buraglio

Pierre Buraglio was born in 1939 and was predominantly influenced by the 1950s. New York City became the focus for modernism on an international scale during the Post-War period. Many artists had travelled to the city during the Second World War, fleeing in exile from Europe. This led to a significant pooling of talent and ideas. Influential Europeans such as Piet Mondrian, Josef Albers and Hans Hoffmann provided inspiration for American artists whilst in New York, and influenced cultural growth in the United States for many later decades. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Frank Kline, Barnett Newman, Clyfford Still and Adolph Gottlieb were influential artists of this period. The male dominated environment has been subsequently revised to acknowledge the contributions of female artists such as Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, and Louise Bourgeois, amongst others.

Pierre Buraglio

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