Philippe Gruenberg

1972 · Peru

Artist biography

He studied philosophy and economics at the London School of Economics and then photography at the Gaudí Institute in Lima. His work has been exhibited at Museo Mario Testino in Lima (2015); Art Basel Miami, USA (2013); Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Monterrey - MARCO, Mexico (2012); La Pinacoteca de Sao Paolo, Brazil (2011); the Museo de Arte de Lima - MALI (2007); the IX Cuencua International Biennial, Ecuador (2007); the XXV Biennial of Sao Paolo, Brazil (2002); among others. He was a founding member and co-director of Galería del Excusado, Lima (2001-02) and Espacio La Culpable (2002-08), both directed by artists. The photographic work of Philippe Gruenberg observes the construction of an imaginary through buildings whose order appears constantly crossed with crosses and conflicts. Images that, in the formal rigidity of their framing, reevaluate subtly each framework in an operation that subtracts and interrogates the notion of time and history. Your images do not necessarily pursue truthfulness through the neutral and the formal if not they point to the activation of friction and desire: A somewhat lyrical approach that allows you to insert yourself in the most significant places and themes of a collective imaginary, with a marked interest in the coordinates that cross history, the popular future and its contrasts.

Philippe Gruenberg

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