Pawel Bownik

1977 · Poland

Artist biography

Paweł Bownik (born 1977) studied philosophy and sociology in Lublin before getting his degree in photography and multimedia from the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts. He lives and works in Warsaw, drawing inspiration from youth culture and reinterpreting contemporary themes using classic techniques from painting, archival photography and the golden age of 1940s cinema.

His works are related to conceptual photography, with clear references to the aesthetics of fashion and advertising photoshoots.

Disassembly results from activities carried out on plants: each had been divided into parts with each part numbered and laid out, only to be re-assembled using drawing pins or adhesive and finally photographed. The aesthetic evokes calendar shots or occasional postcards. The photographs record the defragmentation of a living organism, carried out as if in the lab, a quasi-scientific activity aiming to emphasise the seductive beauty of the murdered plants.

Pawel Bownik

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