Patrick Tagoe-Turkson


Artist biography

Deliberate and meticulous manipulation and alteration of plastic waste and discarded rubber into stunning and vivid explosions of colour, has become the distinctive feature of Patrick Tagoe-Turkson’s work. Further examination reveals the preoccupation of the artist with capturing and retelling stories, histories, dreams and hopes. The works connect with the viewer in a manner totally unrecognizable from its original form. Their mesmerizing, energetic, kaleidoscopic compositions achieve just that; materials having experienced a transformational journey in structure, value and purpose.

Tagoe-Turkson presents flip-flops found floating in the Atlantic Ocean in Southern Ghana as “Objects of Value”. For this series the mixed media artist acts as an archivist, environmentalist, a weaver, documentarian and a storyteller. He investigates themes that cut across memory, migration, adaptation, recovery and other social concerns. His practice incorporates a method of working through repetition and subtle balance, a type of comprehensive pattern for the exploration of traditional Ghanaian art, like Kente fabrics. Through these work, Tagoe-Turkson's intelligently plays with the tension between the mundane and the beautiful and the stories behind the transformation from waste to art.

Patrick Tagoe-Turkson

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