Patrick Carpentier


Artist biography

Recalling streamlined forms and simple color in his sculptures, Carpentier is able to capture a monumental presence within a gallery as he creates a space for deep thoughts about the elements of artistic expression.

From his geometrically-refined blocks of color to his cylindrical, sculptural projections, Carpentier’s art shares little immediate implications, which means each work becomes a space for the viewer to find their own path to engagement. No meaning is off the table, which transforms Carpentier’s art from simple object into sophisticated statement on contemporary expression.

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Carpentier has served as the director of the C5 art space there since 2018. He has also been feted with a number of notable residencies over the years, including those at the WIELS Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels (2015) and at the Belgian Academy in Rome (2018). Recent showcases of his work include “Nature boy” at the Observatorium in Anvers (2018) and “A short-term effect, an echo” at MLF Gallery in Brussels (2019).

Patrick Carpentier

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