Pang Maokun

1963 · China

Artist biography

Pang Maokun was born in Chongqing in 1963. He studied in Affiliated Senior High Schoo of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute from 1978 to1981,studied in Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute from 1981 to1988; Pang received his master's degree in 1988. Currently, Pang is the President of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Deputy chairman of Chongqing Federation of Literary and Art Circles,Chairman of the Chongqing Artists Association, President of Chongqing Painting Academy ,Director of Chongqing Museum of Art, Advisory Board Member at the China Artists Association, Deputy director of the China Artists Association Oil Painting Council, and Advisory Board Member at the China Oil Painting Society.

For years Pang has been exploring the possibility of classical oil painting language under current circumstances, combining his personal art creation with the social reality. His classical paintings appear distant and different from the daily life as he sets his gaze towards reality. It indicates the maturity of his personal style, which also reveals the value and meaning of oil paintings in contemporary art. His works are exhibited and collected in and out of China. His representative works include Apples are Ripe, The Rainbow is Silently Above, A Golden Summer, Blur Series, Virtual Time Series, Coincidence Series, Shining Brightly Series , Viewing the Floating World Series ,Foldaway Portaits Series and etc.

Pang Maokun

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