Noel Guzmán Boffill Rojas


Artist biography

Noel Guzmán Boffill Rojas is seen as an established artist, Noel Guzmán Boffill Rojas was born in 1954. Artists Daniel Berlin, Patrick Faigenbaum, Robert Bösch, Fernando Bellver, and Christian Breul Von Maria are of the same generation.

Further Biographical Context for Noel Guzmán Boffill Rojas

Born in 1954, Noel Guzmán Boffill Rojas was largely inspired by the 1970s. The 1970s were a period of consolidation and growth in the arts, most often characterised as a response to the central stresses of the preceding decade. Conceptual art developed as a influential movement, a partial evolution of and response to minimalism. Land Art took the works of art into the sprawling outdoors, taking creative production away from commodities and looking to engage with the earliest ideas of environmentalism. Process art combined elements of conceptualism with other formal reflections, creating esoteric and experimental bodies of work. Expressive figurative painting began to regain prominence for the first time since the decline of Abstract Expressionism twenty years before, especially in Germany where Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz became highly influential figures worldwide. New York maintained an important position in the international art scene, ensuring that international artists continued to gravitate to the galleries, bars and downtown scene there. Towards the end of the decade, the emerging practices of graffiti and street art were beginning to gain attention in the fine art community. Artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat were working in downtown Manhattan and guaranteeing that spray paint and tagging gained some egitimacy as a fine art practice, a trend which would fully emerge and dominate during the following decade.

Noel Guzmán Boffill Rojas