Nils Nova

1968 · Switzerland

Artist biography

Utilising installation art to play with his audiences’ perceptions of space, Nils Nova integrates misleading images he creates with his large-format camera into his installations. By first photographing a corner of a room and then making a lifesize print, he places the print in the room itself and creates optical illusions that blur the line between the real and the fabricated.

Born in 1968 in Sant Ana, El Salvador, Nova moved to Switzerland with his Swiss mother and Salvadoran father in 1981. He first became a certified boat builder and then studied from 1997-2001 at the Lucerne University of Art and Design. He currently lives and works in Lucerne.

Nils Nova’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout Switzerland as well as in cities including Berlin, Paris, Venice, San Francisco, Stockholm, Liege, Dusseldorf, Sofia, Barcelona, and New Delhi among countless others.

Nils Nova

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