Nils Elvebakk Skalegård

1983 · Norway

Artist biography

Nils Elvebakk Skalegaard (b. 1983, NO) holds an MFA from Konsthögskolan Valand, Göteborg. He based in Copenhagen and Oslo. Elvebakk Skalegaard has had several solo-and groupexhibitions at venues as Elephant Kunsthal(Lillehammer, NO), Huset for Kunst Og Design(Holstebro, DK), Göteborg Kunsthall and Norsk Skulpturbiennalle at Vigeland Museum(Oslo) among other places. Elvebakk Skalegård understands his work as anachronistic. He is interested in the encounter and ex- change between different elements, as well as juxtaposing individual parts, each representing their own history and meaning. Through painting, graphic, sculpture, text and music his artistic practise circuits around the meeting point between culture and nature. By focusing on momentum, he seeks to find out how to preserve a thought /a mood in a body of work. Nils Elvebakk Skalegaard has received both working grants and awards from the Danish Arts Foundation and Kulturrådet Norway.

Nils Elvebakk Skalegård

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