Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto

1992 · Italy

Artist biography

Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto, born in 1992, Arre, in the province of Padova, IT has participated to numerous personal and collective exhibitions, such as: Art Stays,Ptuj(Slovenia) curated by Manuel Frara, Oikos, Casa Bossi, Novara curated by Elisa Barbieri, Riccardo Caldura, Carlo Scarpa; Diskoteque,Venice Art Project, curated by Default, The Area of Bustle. Sgrinzatto also participated withM.A.C., KNOWVISIT, and he wonfirst prisefor his installation - ContemporaneaMENTI2018,Fondazione L’Arsenale, Iseo. He lives and works in Padova, Italy.

Nicolò Masiero Sgrinzatto

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