Neo Rauch


Artist biography

Neo Rauch is a modern visual artist, who was born in Germany - other established artists such as Marie-Louise Ekman, Christian Achenbach, Pam Glick, Florian Maier–Aichen, and Jörn Grothkopp were also born in Germany.

Galleries and Exhibitions

Neo Rauch's work is available on display in multiple galleries around the globe such as in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany. Galleries include David Zwirner | London in the United Kingdom, as well as David Zwirner | 69th Street and David Zwirner | 20th Street in the United States. Neo Rauch's work are exhibited at the exhibition, Stand 1D08 at Galerie Eigen+Art | Berlin in Germany. The exhibition is currently open and closes on the 11 April 2020.

Neo Rauch in private collections

It is the collector René Holm, who is in possession of work by Neo Rauch at Artland. René Holm also has works by other artists including Choi Jun Kun, Hur Kyung-Ae, and Sissi Farassat.

Neo Rauch

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