Nastaran Shahbazi


Artist biography

The collections I have been working on in the past decade are located in the fields of painting, drawing and printmaking. They primarily deal with the topic of life in movement, continuity and the idea of things that are constantly changing. This opens up to a wider second section that also considers memory by preserving and reinvigorating the past. Anonymous figures, lonely dreamers who chose to emigrate, leaving the world behind them, in search of other spaces in psychedelic atmospheres are key features of my work. I like to put the viewer in a sensual, free flowing and familiar experience.

My own journey as an artist has been marked by my mobility – from Tehran to Paris in 2006 and continuing to Hong Kong in 2014 until 2017, when I moved back to France again.

After graduating from Gobelins School of Animation and Graphic Design in Paris, from 2009 to 2014, I focused on various methods of printmaking by combining digital and handmade techniques. During these years, etching and monoprint became my favorite techniques and I created different series focusing on mental imagery; sometimes by adopting poetry, cinematic and literary references.

Working on printing techniques turned me away from illustrative elements, which led me to express meaning or emotional experiences. This was due to direct and unique experiences I gained through my own emigration which have changed my artistic pathway profoundly. The desire to express deep feelings regarding historical discontinuities, scattering, diaspora and isolation remain the key themes of my work and artistic expression.

Nastaran Shahbazi

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