Moreno & Grau (Alba Moreno y Eva Grau)

1985 · Spain

Artist biography

Alba Moreno (1985) and Eva Grau (1989) are a collaborative duo of visual artists who live in Malaga. Their work starts from their own interaction as a collective to highlight the importance of considering or thinking about the same fact or concept from two different perspectives and "eliminate individual identity in search of a new identity as a collective".

This is the starting point for their interest in research on duality, human interrelations and the connection between human beings and their environment. They allude permanently to their direct experiences of the landscape as emotional activators and uses water almost constantly as a thread, "as a mysterious element, transformer and creator of life".

Their work seeks to be an experience of the natural environment. An "event" –beyond representation or reflection– in which sensations and emotions related to the phenomenology of nature are produced and which is being constructed and conceptualized through a creative process (a "path") in which intuition, subjectivity and a direct relationship with nature, captured through photographic footprints, become refined and metaphorical installations, sculptures or videos that appeal to the sensorial rather than the merely rational.

They are pieces of cold aspect, sometimes quasi-minimalist; in many cases heirs in their manufacture of artistic languages of conceptual base. But with which, paradoxically, the spectator is linked emotionally and affectively, filling them with sense when projected in them; in the same way that the artists themselves do it.

Moreno & Grau (Alba Moreno y Eva Grau)

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