Monika Radžiūnaitė

1992 · Lithuania

Artist biography

Monika Radžiūnaitė (b. 1992) is a young generation Lithuanian painter, currently lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2019 graduated from the Painting Department at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Monika Radžiūnaitė talks about foolishness and the cultural differences between past, present and future which is difficult to measure and understand in any way. Her paintings are full of Medieval iconography, symbols and stories which are purposely mistaken and represented ironically. According to the author, the great desire to fill undocumented and forgotten history gaps causes mistakes that influence the perception of nowadays reality and beliefs. In this way people create an environment in which they can manipulate and rely on ignorance and unawareness of others. Author consciously chooses foolishness as a creative strategy that unleashes the need to know or understand the true meaning of images and symbols. In this way she creates new meanings and contexts. Late medieval ages for her is neither a tradition nor an identity, it‘s more like a difference and rebus which she solves and reveals little by little when instead of abundance using fragments, instead of narration - a disturbance, instead of naming – a mistake.

Monika Radžiūnaitė

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