Monika Furmana

1978 · Lithuania

Artist biography

Monika Furmana: Contrasts captivate me. They arouse me and shake me up. It’s the same with blurred boundaries. They allow me to complicate my existence. Such surfaces turn into intense energetic knots in which the relation between body and thing is crucial – the life hiding in the thing and the thing-like quality of the body. In my work, these two components began to slowly intertwine into a single cyborg “woman-machine”, into a woman whose body is shot through with history, a history that grows into a burden, nourishing itself with her own body, becoming inescapable. This painful conjunction is grounded in silk – seemingly a metaphor of beauty, softness and fragility, but in reality, a strong and durable manufactured material.

Monika Furmana (b. 1978) is a Doctor of Arts. Her works have been purchased by collectors from Lithuania, Belgium, Finland and the USA, including the most renowned Austrian erotic book writer and publicist. Monika’s works are also in the collections of the Lewben Art Foundation and MO museum. Meno Niša Gallery has been very successful for several years already in presenting the artist at such art fairs as Viennacontemporary, Positions Berlin, ArtVilnius and others.

Monika Furmana

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