Mike Mandel

1950 · United States

Artist biography

Mike Mandel is an American conceptual artist and photographer. He is best known for Evidence (1977) a book described as "one of the most influential photography titles of the past 50 years" resulting from an assemblage of photographs shooted during the collaboration with the photographer Larry Sultan. Born in 1950 in Los Angeles (LA), and he studied at San Francisco Art Institute. Since the 1970s, Mandel has been engaged in conceptual photography questioning nature and the imagery of this medium over the simplistic use of snapshots. By his explorative photographic style, Mike Mandel established the major role of the context in the image. Mandel’s photographic approach resulted in a variety of styles such as contemporary, documentary and assemblage which show his versatility as an artist. Since 2000, Mike Mandel has been designing mosaic tile artwork and has transformed over thirty years the use of photographs in art installations as such which are now present in numerous public venue as airport, universities and sports arenas all over the United States. The majority of the works have been self-produced such as his Baseball Photographer Trading Cards (1975) which consists of a set of baseball cards with 134 different photographers and curators posing as ballplayers. Mike Mandel has been heavily exposed in the United States such as the most recent solo exhibitions Mike Mandel: Good 70s, Robert Mann Gallery in New York City (2017) and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA (2017).

Mike Mandel

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