Michael Kondel

1987 · United States

Artist biography

Mike Kondel celebrates and revels in the wreckage from the collision of new technology and cultures, and the begrudging coexistence with new systems. Through abstraction he aims to bring the viewer closer to a constant tug of war between our primal beginnings and the virtual world we approach.

Born in the eighties and raised on a farm, kondel holds a critical lens to the impact of the internet, a global world view, and the advancement of technology. He looks to tear down traditional ideologies and watch the impact it brings, while notating some skills and ways of life to preserve. He contemplates the complex strengths and shortcomings of himself and others on the threshold between the real and the virtual.

The “survival kit series” are created to embody ideas of love and redefine survival after a breakup. Through rehabilitative research in computer science, and deep exploration of paint, the work encapsulates a period of intangible realities, spirits of dystopia, and a search to understand love.

Michael Kondel

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