Mi Kafchin

1986 · Romania

Artist biography

Tapping into the powerful emotions possible when faced with the unknown, Romanian artist Mihuț Boșcu Kafchin channels the unreal and otherworldly in much of her art.

Emotionally scarred by the Chernobyl Disaster that occurred very early in her life, Kafchin decide to channel the lingering fears of unknown disaster into her practice. Thus, in her work, she conjures a sense of the fantastical that is equally steeped in the terror of unknown forces – be they other species or vicious toxins – that can wreak havoc on the human body. She chronicles these sensations on a larger scale, in the hope that they will consume the viewer similarly to how she herself was consumed by these sensations in her own life.

Born in Galați, Romania, Kafchin graduated from University of Art and Design in Cluj, Romania in 2010. Today, Kafchin is based in Berlin.

Mi Kafchin

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