Mevlana Lipp

1989 · Germany

Artist biography

Contemplating the notion of the individual and the constructs that contribute to its creation, German artist Mevlana Lipp experiments with the very notion of perception in his dynamic body of work.

For Lipp, the excitement of his creative output comes from the tensions between the dualities of modern life: those between the old and new, between the natural and the constructed, and between the conscious and the unconscious realms. In doing so, Lipp creates an artistic space that makes the viewer of his work contemplate each of these parameters with profound depth.

Born in Cologne in 1989, Lipp graduated from the Meisterschüler of Thomas Grünfeld in 2013 and subsequently completed Akademiebrief der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 2015. Since then, Lipp has been an avid exhibitor of her work. Recent exhibitions include "Papercuts" Tripp Gallery, London (2017); "Attitudes" at the LM Gallery Arte Contemporanea in Latina (2018); and “Favorites” at Ambacher Contemporary in Munich (2019).

Mevlana Lipp

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