Meg Forsyth

1984 · Netherlands

Artist biography

Meg Forsyth b. 1984 Miami, FL Lives and works in The Netherlands

Education 2016 MFA Werkplaats Typografie (ArtEZ) 2009 BFA Pratt Institute

About: Through her paintings, American artist Meg Forsyth (b. 1984) explores erotic and grotesque realms in nature, juxtaposed by bizarre human interventions often dealing with real or imagined surgical procedures. Using components from various automatic drawings, she translates her compositions into large acrylic and oil paintings. Recurring motifs in Forsyth’s works conjure forms resembling seeds, spores, cells, and fat melded with man-made technologies such as surgical stents, grafting meshes, and vessels. With their bold use of ink and brushstrokes, colorful pallets, and exuberantly painted forms, her work resembles a haphazard diagram of natural processes at the intersection of ancient mystical knowledge. Interested in alternative history, Meg Forsyth’s paintings postulate ideas about how humans acquired the knowledge and technology that we have become familiar with, especially those that force nature to obey human desires.

Meg Forsyth

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