Marta Mancini

1981 · Italy

Artist biography

Marta Mancini (1981) lives and works in Rome.

Moving from the aesthetic and psychological dimension of her early landscapes, Marta Mancini’s current work reframes this dynamic within the creation of a meta-pictorial space. Her paintings are the result of a long, intuitive accumulation of brushstrokes that is then submitted to a careful process of subtraction. Every ‘blob’ of paint left visible becomes an organic, almost characterful presence that contributes to compose a new space where intuition clashes with reason; paradox with logic; humour with serious commitment; muttering with clarity. The tension established in Mancini’s complex surfaces is a way to invite reflections on the double nature of painting as illusion and object, reactivating fundamental aesthetic categories such as the beautiful, the grotesque, the picturesque, the representational and the gestural.

Selected solo and group shows include: La molla, Matèria, Rome (solo show, 2018); Abita, galleria S.A.L.E.S, Rome (solo show, 2012); Flash, Metodo Milano, Milan (2020); View/Openwork, a focus on painting, Galleria Monitor, Rome (2019); Exibit#1, Arimondi Circle, Rome (2019); Ipercorpo – La pratica quotidiana, Oratorio di San Sebastiano, Forlì (2019); Hdrà Prize, Palazzo Fiano, Rome (2019); Lissone Prize for Painting, MAC, Lissone (2018); Reazione a catena #2, galleria Bonelli, Milan (2018); The H.P. Collection, Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome (2018); Dialogue #1, Matèria, Frontiera Studio, Palermo (2018); Rosina#1 – Spectrum, Limone, London (2018); La vita della mente, Swiss Institute, Rome (2017); Scivolare lentamente, Yellow, Varese (2016); Dodici stanze, CIAC, Castello Colonna, Genazzano, Rome (2015); Private – Simone Berti, Studio Gheddes-Franchetti, Rome (2015); Limen Arte Prize, Palazzo Comunale E. Gagliardi, Vibo Valentia (2014); Appuntamento al buio, CIAC, Castello Colonna, Genazzano, Rome (2013); Punti di Vista, Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Arnone, Cosenza (2012); Zingarelli Rocca delle Macìe Prize, Castellina in Chianti, Siena (2012). Residencies and Workshops include: Openwork, a focus on painting, M. Mancini in conversation with R. Farinotti, SenzaBagno, Pescara (2019); Painting Symposium, Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, Lecce (2018); Mirror, mirror…, Casa Morante/Spazio Studio, Castel di Ieri, L’Aquila (2018); BoCs, Cosenza (2015).

Marta Mancini

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