Marina Ho

1979 · France

Artist biography

Marina Ho was born in a family filled with art and books which she carried and supplemented with her own cultural explorations. She became her own student, abandoning the fashion world to start, without any safety net, body and soul, her own art. She takes on to the words of Sinope "When we are young it is to early, when we are young it is too late". Becoming who we are is not easy, finding one's pictorial identity and proudly carry one's singularity in a world inclined to conformism is even less easy. Thus she investigates her past, her legacy, and her own personal contradictions to find it.

Facing Marina's works is becoming the translator of her universe, a world where silence, emotion, wisdom, poetry and intuit rule. Depending on what the viewer seeks he either finds an enigma or an answer ...

Marina Ho

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