Marile Holzner


Artist biography

The objects made of paper by Marile Holzner, as soft and collapsing as a mattress leaning against a wall, as rigid as a bent comb or as tough as chewing gum - how is form created? This question runs like a red thread through the work of Marile Holzner, who studied free art at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich under Prof. Karin Kneffel, from her early works to the present day. The results of the search for answers have changed over the years and yet form a large whole that is diversified into different variants and always surprises. Rarely is the question answered by concrete, realistic forms: The often formlessness of the objects is particularly fascinating. Like elements of a system of signs that we can guess at but not fully fathom, they evoke associations with what is familiar, without ultimately allowing themselves to be completely deciphered.

Marile Holzner

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