Mariajosé Gallardo

1978 · Spain

Artist biography

Mariajosé Gallardo considers herself an anachronistic artist because she uses painting and is interested in reflecting on the pictorial process at a time when art is striving to find other means. Through painting –and its installation arrangement on many occasions– she narrates seemingly insignificant stories, mixing tradition and current culture and preoccupied with themes such as the power of image in today's society, where the human being develops indoctrinated by beliefs, inherited habits and historical power springs.

In order to create her work, she appropriates many of the resources of the visual manipulation originated in the baroque, mainly the use of the trompe l'oeil or the sharp cut of the figure on the background that is accentuated by the excess of the gold leaf. All this provides a deep drama to the compositions that surprises by its capacity of attraction.

Mariajosé Gallardo

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