Maria Acuyo

1972 · Spain

Artist biography

María Acuyo is a Spanish painter born in Granada and living in Madrid whose work is characterized by an organic abstraction focused on texture, on the contrasts between the qualities or the different sinuosities and patterns of the line, and the process of making it, sometimes intuitive and unpredictable, but always very meticulous. For more than ten years has worked with outstanding Spanish galleries such as Casaborne, Sandunga or Maria Llanos, among others. And her artworks have being shown at fairs such as ARCO, Art Lisbon, ArteSantander or Foro Sur.

In Artland, she is represented by Espacio Liquido La Gran []

Maria Acuyo's work is nourished by the observation of the processes of nature from its deepest secrets. Also by the dialectic, by the antagonistic definition: energies are released and after the storm, harmony is finally defined... the fragile equilibrium of the form.

She is interested in treating painting as a projection of something more primitive, revealing the organic as an anteroom to understand the essential, the hidden and giving the matter a more reflective state. In her work there is a marked influence of microbiology and the anatomical structures of living beings, mainly due to her scientific education, with which she seeks to construct a fictitious reality that covers forms with subtle narrative veils, creating ambiguous images. A microcosm of contradictory elements that escape from the subconscious seducing the observer by their strange familiarity.

“There are few moments in painting when a beautiful balance that is difficult to describe is achieved: Matter manages to conduct itself through the artist's hands without becoming corrupted and in a display of mastery, it undergoes without ceasing to express itself. It is a sublime state in which the artist not only uses, but also nourishes matter by endowing it with spirit, redirecting its energies towards description without distorting its nature. A fragile harmony that allows us to glimpse the perfect symbiosis of the artist with the living reality of the environment with which he or she interacts. One of these rare moments can be found when observing María Acuyo's artwork.” (Jesús de Haro)

Maria Acuyo

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