Marco Abbamondi

1974 · Italy

Artist biography

Marco Abbamondi was born in Naples (1974).

He began his artistic career in 1999 with works on canvas and wood that interpreted traits of Naples with hyper-realistic architecture - favoring his choices, inspirational and thematic, focused on that city, on its history and its cultural traditions.

Subsequently - his work is expressed in a "physical" relationship with the material, with the canvas, with the object, with the elements to be forged, manipulated, kneaded; an insatiable instinct to "touch" and "feel" the matter between the hands. A "tactile" and "sensitive" relationship with it.

The fragility of existence is the predominant theme of Abbamondi's work, be it installations or paintings, trying to highlight the action that the world has over things.

The basis of his inspiration comes from Nature: biomorphic forms definitely mark his particular style. The liaison between the natural material that Abbamondi manipulates (wood, cement, pure pigments, cork) and the "natural" forms that inspire it is evident: inspiration blends with manipulation: fusion of matter and concept.

Marco Abbamondi

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