Ma Wenting

1983 · China

Artist biography

Ma Wenting, born in 1983 Lanzhou, Gansu. She graduated from the Department of oil painting in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2008. She lives and works in Chongqing. She was always able to forcibly reassemble the broken reality in unexpected ways, and deal with the absurd and dramatic reality in a light way but never forgets to emphasise its importance. In poetic language, she presents the spiritual pain and athymia in the context of the great era. By dismembering and reconstructing the reality, she dances with all kinds of reality and absurdity in the context of this era, the coexistence of drama and reality, struggle and bondage. For each of us, the inability to cope with the impermanence of death and the impotence of redemption, conflict and struggle, despair and helplessness. In her paintings, destruction and reconstruction are constantly intertwined, struggled and reconciled. Her works provide a good sample for us to understand the art and reality.

Ma Wenting

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