Luc Deleu

1944 · Belgium

Artist biography

Equal parts artist and architect, Belgian innovator Luc Deleu uses the rationality and principles of urban design and architecture as the guiding tenets for his body of artwork.

His legacy as an architect is witnessed explicitly in his tendency toward the incorporation of small models or renderings in his art, and the same visual aesthetic is in turn echoed in his architectural creations. His recent penchant for the shipping container, as one example, showcases the way in which Deleu can assume a form so functional and utilitarian in design and yet sweep it into larger architectural choreography to transform it into something quite poetic.

Born in Belgium in 1944, Deleu earned a degree in architecture in the later years of the 1960s and soon after threw himself into the launch of an urban planning consortium known as the Turn-On Planning (or T.O.P.) office. From that point, though, Deleu shifted his focus from the field of architecture and invested more deeply in his artistic passions.

Luc Deleu

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