Lizette Nin

Dominican Republic

Artist biography

Lizette Nin is a creative artist, who was born and brought up in the Dominican Republic, like other well-known artists such as Jorge Pineda, Mónica Hernández, Raelis Vasquez, Myrenthapimp, and Engel Leonardo.

About Lizette Nin's works

My work is purely a collection of my experience navigating spaces where they made me feel small, unwanted, violated, is how I’ve been able to overcome trauma, as a child, as a teen, and now as an adult. Is resilience on its purest form for me, is the matter that was nothing at all and then became, transformed into a loud discourse, a scream. Is showing how reality is not the same for us all but is also us at the same time.

How art as a tool of visibility impacts our society, on matters that otherwise would be ignored and, as humans it should be our duty to fight for social causes in any way we can.

Lizette Nin

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